Sustainable fuel, delivered right across Argyll – Locally sourced and processed.


We source our timber from three local forests – in Southend, Carradale and North of Campbeltown at Lussa Loch.

We believe in using local sources and local suppliers throughout – meaning that the logs you buy from us may have travelled no more than fifty miles to reach you.Once unloaded, the timber is processed and allowed to season.

Everything gets converted into timber products – right down to bark and sawdust by-products available to buy for gardens and animals.


Harvesting, felling and processing:

We can select and harvest loads of 10 tonnes and above – transporting, processing to your exact specifications and delivered to your door or made available for collection.

We process timber from 8 to 18 inches, suitable for domestic and industrial biomass plants and those on the RHI Biomass heating scheme.We also offer tree felling and scrub removal by certified and experienced operators, subject to planning and restrictions which we can advise on.